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If your company or organization is looking for something meaningful and tangible to support, please consider downloading this free document. You can help keep this service available to Maui residents for years to come!

Please Download our Sponsorship Packet.

Please Donate

If you have the means to make a donation no matter how big or small, please do so. We don't have much time and we need to move as quickly as we can to really make an impact on the well-being of Maui's residents. Our current goal is $1 million to be able to provide FREE CLINICAL FLOAT THERAPY for anyone who has been affected by the Maui fires.

We are a 501(c)(3) corporation so all donations are tax deductible.


It's going to take everyone who can hear us to help make this happen!

We believe in the power of many. We all rise together. For anyone who sees our vision and wants to help, you can donate packages of float sessions to Maui fire survivors on our donation page. We thank you in advance for making a difference in our island community.

Pay it Forward.
A Way for Individuals to Make an Impact.

If you have any professional or personal testimony as to how float therapy helped you or someone else following a traumatic event, please take a few moments to share this with our community.

The real message of hope comes from you.

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