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Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Justin Feinstein, Ph.D.


Dr. Feinstein is an expert in the neuroscience of fear who is trailblazing a new path forward for the treatment of anxiety. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University of Iowa and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the California Institute of Technology. He earned his undergraduate degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego, where he later returned to complete his clinical internship at the San Diego VA hospital with a focus on the treatment of veterans with PTSD using prolonged exposure therapy.


Dr. Feinstein’s work explores the intimate connection between the body & the brain, with the goal of developing new technologies to help bring this connection to the forefront of awareness. As part of these efforts, his research has laid the foundation for novel therapies that can naturally alleviate stress and anxiety without the use of drugs including Floatation-REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy) and the modulation of CO2 as a form of interoceptive exposure therapy. In 2021, Dr. Feinstein became President and Director of the Float Research Collective, a nonprofit organization that is playing a pivotal role in establishing Floatation-REST as an accepted medical treatment.

Float Research Collective


Members of the Float Research Collective:

Justin Feinstein, PhD, President and Director of the Float Research Collective

Sahib Khalsa, MD, PhD, Director of the Float Clinic and Research Center at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research

Thomas Fine, MA, LPCC, Associate Professor at the University of Toledo Medical Center

Colin Stanwell-Smith, CEng and Owner of Floataway

Dylan Calm, Art of the Float and Co-owner of The Float Shoppe

Sandra Calm, MS, RN, and Co-owner of The Float Shoppe

Toni Basile, BSW and President of Floatation Therapy Australia

Andy Larson, CPA, Owner of Float Milwaukee and FRC Treasurer

Kim Hannan, President of the Float Conference

Jonathan Roug, President of the Floatation Tank Association

Beth Jones, Former President of the Floatation Tank Association

Mandy Rowe, President of True-REST

Callum Wilcock, Community Builder

Bryce Evans, CEO of More Floats

Brad Dauk, Owner of Float Calm and Project Arcturus Manager

The Float Research Collective is a community of researchers, doctors, healthcare professionals, and float therapy advocates. Our mission is to establish worldwide acceptance for floatation therapy as a medical treatment so that it can be accessible to everyone.


Float Therapy in the News

Click on any of the logos to view the articles and videos about Dr. Feinstein's clinical float therapy research.

Help keep this project on Maui for years to come.


We are up against the clock to help the wonderful people of Maui with their long-term mental health. None of this is possible without financial and moral support. Mahalo!

We would like to thank the following entities who have already made a big impact on this project.

The Medical Director at the International Association of Fire Fighters Center of Excellence has endorsed this project based on their own experience of treating fire trauma with float therapy.

HelmBot is the best scheduling software in the float industry, providing easy online scheduling and automated appointment reminders. They have offered to let us use their software for this project for free.

Floataway is the world’s expert when it comes to engineering clinical floatation pools and they are actively designing and building these specialized open pools inside of a shipping container.

LA SALT CO is a high quality salt and mineral products manufacturer in Los Angeles, CA. They have graciously offered to donate and ship the thousands of pounds of Epsom salt that we will need for this project.

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