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We just bought our first shipping container!

Three state of the art float pools are going in!

This is a big day for us!!

The wonderful folks at Floataway in the U.K. have brought together literally the biggest piece of this puzzle! This shipping container will be the hub of a lot of healing for the traumatized people of Maui.

Most shipping containers are not like this one. They usually don't have the side doors. We were originally planning on building our own doors but discovered that is not possible because we wouldn't be allowed to ship them due to regulations. The crew at Floataway found one of these special version with 2 large side doors that are compliant with international shipping. We are now the proud owners of this amazing container! Thank you Floataway! Now they're on to the next step which is designing and building this portable facility.

Floataway is the world’s expert when it comes to engineering clinical floatation pools and they are actively designing and building these specialized pools inside of a shipping container. Learn more about them at .


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