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Maui is in the midst of a massive mental health crisis due to the horrific trauma from the fires.



The anxiety suffered by Maui fire survivors and first responders has already started downspiraling into chronic PTSD and there is a serious shortage of mental health care professionals on the island.

Within one year after a major disaster, acute anxiety begins the downward spiral into chronic PTSD. This can last for decades and overwhelms mental health resources in the area.

The current medical model puts disaster survivors on addictive pharmaceuticals to help numb the pain. Entire communities are forever changed by these medications. This has been most recently documented in the aftermath of the Paradise Fires.


On the island of Maui, a perfect storm of talent, experience and vision is driving a whole other way to quickly and effectively help the community.


Free Clinical Float Therapy for anyone on Maui who is suffering from the trauma of the fires.

Floatation therapy requires a custom-built pool where individuals effortlessly float on a bed of water that has been saturated with over a thousand pounds of Epsom salt. The water and air are kept at skin temperature, all outside sound and light are reduced, and the forces of gravity are minimized in order to reduce stimulation of the nervous system.

This perfectly peaceful and calm environment reflexively reduces stress and hyperarousal, allowing an overstimulated and shocked nervous system to enter a state of equilibrium.

Clinical float therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment that has been shown to help people with trauma, anxiety and PTSD.

Help keep this project on Maui for years to come.

Dr. Justin Feinstein is an expert in the neuroscience of fear who is trailblazing a new path forward for the treatment of anxiety and PTSD. He has over 50 peer-reviewed publications in some of the world's top scientific journals and has received extensive training in treating PTSD while at the San Diego VA hospital. In 2021, he started the Float Research Collective, a Maui-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Before moving to Maui to be closer to his family, Dr. Feinstein was a professor in the Oxley College of Health Sciences at the University of Tulsa, as well as the founder and director of the Float Clinic & Research Center at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research where he spearheaded the first studies to show how floating could rapidly and reliably ease the suffering in patients with anxiety and PTSD.

The nation's leader in clinical float research lives on Maui and wants to help.

Dr. Feinstein's float research has been featured in the popular press including:

If your company or organization is looking for something meaningful and tangible to support, please consider downloading this free document. You can help keep this service available to Maui residents for years to come!

Please Download our Sponsorship Packet.


We have started building emergency response float pools in shipping containers.

These containers can be rapidly deployed to Maui and placed near Lahaina and Kula in order to make the therapy as accessible as possible to everyone who has been traumatized.

The International Float Community has already started galvanizing around this project to help heal Maui. Floataway is the world’s top manufacturer of state-of-the-art clinical floatation pools, including the specialized open float pools that were used in all the prior research studies with PTSD.


Soon after the fires, Dr. Feinstein contacted Floataway and they immediately started to work on designing the system. The first shipping container arrived at Floataway’s factory in England and they are in the process of engineering all of the custom elements to fit three private open float pools inside.


The goal is to have the first shipping container arrive on Maui as soon as possible, allowing us to start floating Maui's residents before the major milestones of long-term PTSD start taking place.


Our Proposal in Numbers


Shipping Container


Private Float Pools


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